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Lazy Elk Buenos Aires is a Film Production and Content Company with offices in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and London, United Kingdom, founded by Guido Kalwill. Guido worked with photographers Magnus Reed and the contract photographer for Condé Nast Traveller, Håkan Ludwigson. 


He was involved in the Binger Film Lab in Amsterdam, the Typa Foundation scholarship and was awarded the Hubert Bals Fund for development. He directed award-winning short Films, presented at the Bafici, the Berlinale and the Latin American Film Festival of San Francisco. Legendary Swedish Filmmaker Ingmar Bergman saw at the time of its premiere Kalwill's short Film "The Club", and expressed his artistic appreciation of this piece, saying it was "charming, talented and captivating" and wishing him every success in his film career.


In addition to writing and directing, he worked as a translator for the Bafici, and collaborated with the Royal Embassy of the Netherlands in Argentina to develop and produce "Orange Screen, the Second Dutch Film Festival”. He has directed and produced several documentaries on architecture projects for and with international studios. 


He taught at the workshop held by the University of Cinema (FUC) and the City Government developed for low-income neighbourhoods of Buenos Aires and curated for the Royal Danish Embassy in Argentina the 2013 Søren Kierkegaard Film Festival.


In addition to "Dear Lonesome George", he is currently working on a biography of Søren Kierkegaard and a TV series about a chef and his restaurant during 1958-1962, a brief period of democracy in Argentina.